Bold Batsukh

Executive Secretary

Batsukh Bold was born and raised in Mongolia. He graduated with BA in Arts (English) from Orkhon University in Mongolia and with MDiv from AIIAS in the Philippines. Pastor Bold Batsukh started his ministry not long after he was baptized. He was asked to lead the first SDA church that was organized in Mongolia and was ordained in 2002. He has been a missionary and church planter in Darkhan with his family, the second largest city in Mongolia with the population of 80,000 and later served as Ulaanbaatar Central church pastor, Publishing Ministries Director and Ministerial Secretary. At present he serves as an Executive Secretary for Mongolia Mission. Pastor Bold Batsukh is married to Otgontuya Tserenpil and they have three children.He likes to read, hike and spend time with his family.

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