Family Ministries

 family_ministriesA major concern of Seventh-day Adventists is to strengthen families. The Adventist Church sees the family as a strong spiritual transformation agent in society. For this reason, keep projects and programs that value the lives of couples, relationships with children, care for the elderly, among other activities.

This ministry aims to strengthen the family as the center of Christian discipleship. Adventists believe that the family, formed from the union between a man and a woman, was established by divine creation as a fundamental human institution. It is the primary environment in which values are presented and where the capacity for intimate relationships with God and with other human beings is developed. The Family Ministries works through actions such as: orientation before the wedding affordable especially newlyweds and lovers; parent education, giving guidance to the special needs of non-parent families, or stepfathers or stepmothers there; instruction in family outreach and family support ministries to help families with special needs.


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