“Disciples in Action” Seminar for Mongolia Mission


dsc_0068According to Ellen G. White, “the Sabbath School should be one of the greatest instrumentalities, and most effectual, in bringing souls to Christ” (Counsels on Sabbath School Work, p. 10). But how can we put these inspired words into practice in our local churches?

In order to answer this crucial question, the “Disciples in Action” Seminar and Workshop was held at Ulaanbaatar Central Church, Mongolia, on May 20 – 22, 2016. No less than 70 participants attended the training. They consisted of delegates from 27 local churches in Mongolia Mission (MM), including pastors, elders, Sabbath School superintendents, Sabbath School (SS) teachers, and Personal Ministries (PM) leaders of the churches.

dsc_0069How to Organize and Run Small Groups effectively, How to Teach Sabbath School Lessons in a Dynamic and Meaningful Way, How to Be Faithful Disciples of Christ, were some of the topics presented during the Seminar. Each local church also received a Basic SS/PM Manual, where they can find The Mission, Objectives and History of the Sabbath School, as well as a Suggestive SS Program Schedule and other useful contents.

Pastor Richard Sabuin, the Northern Asia Pacific Division (NSD) SS/PM Director and Pastor Yure Gramacho, the MM SS/PM Director, were the main speakers of this training. The attendees were also blessed by a powerful testimony of Pastor Akeri Suzuki, the NSD Honorary Associate Director of SS/PM. With the purpose to commit all the participants with God’s mission, namely, to make disciples, Pastor Kim Yo Han, MM President, preached during the dedication service which closed the event.

dsc_0111An emphasis on utilizing Small Groups (DNA = Disciples in Action) for soul winning, retention and reclamation was a highlight of the seminar. “When the small groups are organized and run properly, there will be more souls to win, and more members to reclaim and retain as well”, said Pr. Richard. We have a great dream in our hearts, make every single church member in a faithful, active and fruitful disciple of Jesus Christ. This is what the “Disciples in Action” is all about! By the power of the Holy Spirit and by God’s grace, we will see this dream come true in our generation!


By Richard Sabuin (NSD SS/PM Director) &  Yure Gramacho (MM SS/PM Director)

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