“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.” (Colossians 4:5)

dsc_3981By God’s grace Mongolia Mission was able to host EXPO 3004, Korean Health Expo team, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. During 4 days of EXPO, July 28 – July 31, we were able to reach more than 4000 people including children and elderly population. It was the first big public Health EXPO in Mongolia Mission history, excluding EXPO 1995, which was school tobacco awareness event.

We, Mongolia Mission, appreciate Korean EXPO 3004 team for organizing a big event with 28 volunteers divided into Healing (head, facial, and foot massage, as well as nail art and soap making), Wellness (cooking demo, food art and breakfast granola, waffle making), Cooking class, Concert hall, Korean traditional booth for traditional costumes fitting, and game center for more fun) during EXPO event.

cam_4775Serving for the general community through health is one of the most important approaches to reach out to the people as a health ministry itself a right hand to gospel. As a former socialist country, Mongolia is not open to any religion except Buddhism as it was considered a main religion as it was before Russian influence. Therefore, health is one effective tool to reach more souls.

Health EXPO 2016 was very productive. We were able to collect 1450 survey list for people who are interested to join cooking class, and other related health seminars.

cam_4804There was a good opportunity for Mongolia Mission health department to run NEWSTART booths during 4 days of EXPO. Under the theme of “Eight principles for healthy life”, they were introduced in each booth and simple counseling was given to every participants. Mongolia Mission workers with the help of church youth worked successfully and gathered more than 1000 names (with their phone numbers) who are interested further to know more about healthy lifestyle.

ADRA AROC (ADRA Reaching Out Community) project was joined. Mongolia Mission and ADRA are working together to reach more people through EHR as Electronic Health Records with GTS (Global Tele-health Services) by checking blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, body weight, and body oxygen level for general check up. During these 4 days of EXPO, AROC volunteers in 2 posts were able to check about 250 people. Using a high tech and latest software makes more attractive.


Ulaanbaatar Wellbeing health EXPO 2016 helped not only new comers, it was also helpful for our church members, our youth, and volunteers who served the community during this event. Based on their report they get more practical information about how to live healthy. Working by team, Korean and Mongolians together learn more about comprehensive approach to share Adventist health message to our population.




By Enkhbayar Mishigdorj, MM Health Department Director

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